May 22, 2017
Country Club of Lansing
Lansing,  MI

About Chosen Vision

Chosen Vision is able to provide a quality, safe and purposeful permanent living environment for the developmentally disabled because of the generosity of our donors.  Our homes enable each resident to grow and reach their own potential within a caring and nurturing environment.  Our residents thrive and find joy and meaning in each day.  In addition to our home in Grand Ledge, two new homes have opened in DeWitt in the past three years:  one for women, one for men.  Our success is measured by the improvement in the quality of life and the individual growth these residents have shown.  

James teaches “that we have not because we ask not” and so we are asking for your help. We have seen God at work at Chosen Vision in unfathomable ways. We ask you to continue to help us financially and pray for our continued success.

We are committed to keeping Chosen Vision in operation and provide our community with the valuable resource of empowering the disabled to live life in a safe, secure, faith based environment where they will thrive and find joy and purpose in each day God has blessed us with.

We thank each one of you for your commitment to Chosen Vision!  Our appreciation goes out to each of you for your support.